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Global Teacher Project

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About the Project

World Studies Trust (http://www.globalteacher.org.uk/world_studies_trust.htm)
The Global Teacher Project is an initiative of the World Studies Trust, an educational charity set up in 1988. Its purpose is to promote within education the knowledge, attitudes and skills that young people need in order to practise social and environmental responsibility in a multicultural society and an interdependent world.

The Project, in association with ITET tutors and global education providers has produced a book: Supporting the Standards: the Global Dimension in Initial Teacher Education and Training. This handbook is for Initial Teacher Education and Training (ITET) tutors, school based mentors, ITET students and Continuing Professional Development providers. It demonstrates how a global dimension can be embedded in ITET provision, and will help tutors and mentors incorporate appropriate knowledge, values and practice to support learning and teaching in an increasingly globalised society.

To download a copy of the book click here (link to pdf of booklet)

The Global Teacher Project works with Initial Teacher Education and Training (ITET) staff to help them develop courses with a global dimension. The Project is able to design training tailored to particular institutional needs and support staff currently bringing global dimensions into their courses. Training can also be offered directly to student teachers and classroom mentors.

National Strategy
The Project is working alongside other organisations with similar interests to develop a national strategy on global perspectives in ITET.

The Project organises occasional seminars and conferences to bring together individuals and organisations with an interest in global perspectives in ITET. A key focus is the sharing of ideas and developing strategies for change.

Working in partnership with a number of other organisations, the Project produces a termly newsletter which reflects the range of global work in ITET throughout the UK. The newsletter is free to Project participants.

Learning from the Project

This paper outlines some of the learning outcomes from the Project.

Project Report (coming soon)
Click here for a report on the work of the Global Teacher Project (coming soon)

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