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Supporting the Standards: the Global Dimension in Initial Teacher Education and Training

This handbook is for Initial Teacher Education and Training (ITET) tutors, school based mentors, ITET students and Continuing Professional Development providers. It demonstrates how a global dimension can be embedded in ITET provision, and will help tutors and mentors incorporate appropriate knowledge, values and practice to support learning and teaching in an increasingly globalised society.

Author: Cathy Midwinter
Publisher: World Studies Trust 2005


  • The Global Dimension: Key Concepts
    • Planning for a Global Dimension in ITET
    • Key planning points
    • Strategy for change
    • How to get started
    • Making a case for change
    • Motivating and involving staff
    • CPD strategy
    • Pedagogy
    • Planning in Practice
  • The Global Dimension Key Concepts in School Practice
  • Bringing a Global Dimension to the Standards
    • Professional Values and Practice
    • Knowledge and Understanding
    • Planning Expectations and Targets
    • Monitoring and Assessment
    • Teaching and Class Management
  • Resources
    • Websites
    • Key Documents
    • Organisations and Resource Centres
Supporting Standards
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